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The Woven Path: Wiktoria Nowak

"My advice is to wait for great opportunities and then seize it!" When the opportunity to participate in a young entrepreneur deign contest came knocking at her door, Polish weaver Wiktoria Nowak walked right into it...

The Woven Path: Farron Feiner

Bursting with lots of colors and personality, California-based weaver Farron Feiner's works are inspired by her outdoors experiences...

Weaving In Rounds

Looking very much like dreamcatchers made out of yarns, circular weaves are spiralling all over the Internet with many weavers opting for a round loom now.

The Woven Path: Kat King

"Reversing the roles is such a huge weight off my shoulders, and if not now then when?" Without looking back at the past, Kat King started selling her weaves on her Etsy shop, Kat King Tapestries and turned it into her full time job.

Meet The KOEL Kids: Ellen Bruxvoort

"I use this art form to tell my story, to heal the rough parts and celebrate the accomplishments." – this aptly encapsulates the motivation behind Texas based weaver Ellen Bruxvoort's works.

Meet The KOEL Kids: Aly Barohn

Where craft meets art. While many makers may choose just the former, fiber artist Aly Barohn aims to evoke personal nostalgic through her craft form, embroidery.