KOEL Kid: Sarah Renwick

We could recognise Sarah Renwick’s dynamic weaves from a distance, and it’s not just because of its jolly colors. There’s so much more to it…

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KOEL Kid: Kathrin Oenbrink

Our kind of KOEL kids are those who develop, nurture and learn to accept and love their own special style and voice, and we saw that in Kathrin Oenbrink

KOEL Kid: Sarah Sullivan

With a background in computer rendering and digital design, Oklahoma-based fiber artist Sarah Sullivan fell in love with the intimate nature of tactile materials that a computer cannot match...

KOEL Kid: Sara Morton

"The distraction that weaving offered me during those dark times was a lifesaver." – falling into severe depression during her pregnancy days, weaving became Sara Morton's beacon through the fog...

Meet the KOEL Kid: Michelle Chesson

With a background in Graphic design, Canadian based maker Michelle Chesson has always held on to her creative dream since young...

Meet The KOEL Kids: Veronica Pock

Let’s meet weaving artist Veronica Pock who isn’t afraid to mingle with the unknown, incorporating the most extreme of materials into her woven works and watching magic unfold before her eyes. See what Veronica has to share about her creative process in the interview we had with her.

KOEL Kid: Jessica Boicourt

"In weaving, every line counts just like how in life, every moment counts." Portland-based weaver Jessica Boicourt finds parallel between weaving and her interest in existentialism.

KOEL Kid: Victoire Mynvi

It was through studying to become a fashion designer where Victoire started to experiment creating her own fabrics through weaving, and since then has been striving to develop her own unique design and style...