Meet The KOEL Kids: Hila Eshel

Hila Eshel is no stranger to the KOEL team... she's like family to us now. She has been a loyal fan of our workshops in Singapore and we are happy that the roles have reversed! Hila is now our resident weaving teacher at our studio, sharing her skills with our students.

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KOEL Kid: Kate Swett

It’s not easy giving up on your dream career, especially when its’s right in your grasp, but Kate Swett teaches us that putting yourself first is the most important step to self-recovery…

Totem By Poppy

We fell head over heels with Poppy's (better known by her Instagram handle as @totem.by.poppy) circular weaves the moment we set eyes on them.

KOEL Kid: Mary Hamby

We are always on a lookout for unique yarn products from around the globe, and when we caught eyes on Mary Hamby's loom blocks...

KOEL Kid: Laura Gross

"Sometimes asking for help is the bravest move you can make." Pittsburgh-based weaver Laura Gross wasn't afraid to reach out for support when she first started our her craft.

The Woven Path: Asmaa Aman-Tran

What makes Asmaa Aman-Tran’s weavings stand out from the rest, we believe, lies in how she combines materials such as lambskin, copper, clay, jute, and silk to create works that celebrates her Moroccan heritage and culture…

Meet the KOEL Kids: Haily Tran

When we first saw Haily Tran’s woven art via B for Brian, we were captivated by her play of shapes and colours. After learning that she also plays in a jazz band, we knew this lady would have a lot of...

KOEL Kid: Jessica Hotson

Sometimes, being inspired by someone else's artwork might be the start of your craft pursuit and the development of your own style. Setting eyes on the weaving works of Mayanne Moodie was what kickstarted Toronto based weaver, Jessica Hotson's passion for the craft...