Meet The KOEL Kids: Emily Nicolaides

Let’s meet fibre artist Emily Nicolaides, and find out all about her arduous journey and her growth as a weaver.

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Dyeing House Gallery

Let’s chat with the folks of Dyeing House Gallery on what sparked the creation of the brand, their upcoming collections and the rich textile and yarn scene in Prato. Andiamo!

Meet The KOEL Kids: Vera Jonkers

Sometimes it takes dipping your toes in the waters of different crafts before you find the one that ignites a fire in you. For Netherlands based maker Vera Jonkers, her journey of creative discovery started with crochet, followed by painting, screen printing and finally weaving!

Faraway Lands

We picked out 9 fibre arts inspired by the nomadic tribes and faraway lands for you to join in the tribal gang..

Lucile Trichet

Crafting can be fun, but dipping fingers in a pile of different creative projects isn’t something for everyone — unless you’re a multi disciplinary artist like Lucile Trichet.

Mini Pop Weave

Practice your softer skills and take some time out to work on this family project. Great quality time for both kids and adults! Pattern by Katherine Entis, Soft Century...

KOEL Kid: Rebecca Riel

Canadian based weaver, Rebecca Riel weaves mapestries (map + tapestry) to pay homage to special places in people’s hearts…

KOEL Kid: Olivia Weaver

Olivia had to brave the loss of a child from her miscarriage in 2017, but it was weaving that pulled her out of heartache and guided her down the road to healing…

Meet The KOEL Kids: Hila Eshel

Hila Eshel is no stranger to the KOEL team... she's like family to us now. She has been a loyal fan of our workshops in Singapore and we are happy that the roles have reversed! Hila is now our resident weaving teacher at our studio, sharing her skills with our students.