The Woven Path

Needle & Thread : Eun-jeong Lee

Find out more about Eun-jeong Lee, the creator behind Momoneedle. About what sparks her design ideas and the yarn scene in Korea.

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The Woven Path: Ipnot Embroidery

Let’s find out more about Ipnot and her spellbinding embroidery designs. This Japanese embroidery artist’s work literally pops off the fabric.

The Woven Path: Celeste Johnston

Let’s chat with embroidery artist Celeste Johnston about how she turned her passion into a professional career and the interesting path that led her to it.

The Woven Path: Ksenia Guseva

Combining her love for architecture, drawing and embroidery, Ksenia Guseva creates pieces that captures amazing landscapes of cities not through a camera, but her trusty ol’ needle and thread.

The Woven Path: Anna Hultin

Before the emergence of Anna’s embroidery shop, OlanderCo, her passion rested upon conceptual drawing. It was the responsibility and satisfaction of being a mother to her first born in 2016 that made her move on to a more substantial creative outlet…

The Woven Path: Giulia Bertelli

Guilia started knitting as a means to de-stress, but slowly found it becoming a passion instead…

The Woven Path: Asmaa Aman-Tran

What makes Asmaa Aman-Tran’s weavings stand out from the rest, we believe, lies in how she combines materials such as lambskin, copper, clay, jute, and silk to create works that celebrates her Moroccan heritage and culture…

The Woven Path: Maya Slininger

For fiber artist, Maya Slinger, she had to choose between staying at her full time job as a visual merchandiser or taking her fiber art business…

The Woven Path: Courtney McLeod

Courtney McLeod used to have a hands full working as a manager at a busy vegan restaurant in Toronto. Using embroidery as a means to cope with the stress, she decided to turn this healing outlet into a full-time job…