Knitting Patterns

Knitting Patterns


Giant Knitted Blanket by Purl Soho

Adapted from Purl Soho, we present to you the Giant Blanket pattern, a KOEL Magazine exclusive pattern - ideal for intermediate and experts! Pattern Adapted By Purl Soho  Yarns 17 skeins Purl Soho's...

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Arm Knitted Chunky Vase Pattern

Learning to arm knit takes little time, and there's so much fabulous fun to have with this technique. Drop those enormous needles and simplify your chunky knits.

Finger Knitted Hanging Planter Pattern

We hate to break this to you, but this hanging planter is playing tricks on your eyes. It might look like it's made of macramé knots, but in fact it is a finger knitted pattern by Anne Weil of Flax and Twine!

Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillows Pattern

Presenting to you, a Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillows tutorial — just what you need to introduce small changes to the home!

Gradient Blanket by Magasin Duett

Say goodbye to those cold wintry days with this knitted blanket. And what’s better to cuddle up under than your very own handmade piece. We’d say you would be in bed all day! If you are not liking the...

Extreme Pouf by Tjockt

Get in with the extreme knitting crowd and create the ultimate lounging accessory. From your living room to office space, this fluffy pouf will be your best companion when you need some cushiony...

Stockinette Stitch

The stockinette stitch combines rows of the basic knit stitch with rows of the purl stitch. So, all knit stitches on one side and all purl stitches on the opposite side.  WHERE TO START 1. First, watch...

Purl Stitch

The purl stitch is considered another basic stitch, but a bit more challenging than the knit stitch. Master both and you’re an expert of sorts. WHERE TO START 1. First, watch the tutorial...