The Woven Path: Kristen Gula

"I was saved by embroidery!" – Going through a difficult period of her life, embroidery became an outlet for fiber artist Kristen Gula to channel her negative emotions into something physical and get her back on the right tracks of life.

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Spring Time Vibes

We picked out some spring-inspiring crafts we chanced upon online to get you in the mood for the season!

Embroidered Plastic Bag by Josh Blackwell

We love artworks that tell a unique story or aim to send out a message of change. When we stumbled upon artist, Josh Blackwell's embroidered plastic bags works on Pinterest, we were instantly hooked by not only it's intricacy but the intention behind creating them.

Cactus Lovin’

Cacti are the 'koel' kids on the block now. From interior wall papers, fashion accessories, and of course DIY crafts, they are regarded by many as the 'hipster aesthetic". So we figured it was time to gather all the cacti we can find in the yarn crafting world…

3 Free Motion Stitched Textile Art

It sure takes a lot of practice to have perfect control over the speed and direction of the needle to create patterns as intricate as the ones you see above. Go on and admire these 3 free motion stitched textile art that we are swooning over...

Meet the KOEL Kids: Sylvia Hérissé

Instagram is well-known for creating and maintaining communities, and since the start of KOEL, we’ve seen how close knitted the yarn community is at current and got inspired to start this series!

Wired for Mixed Media

We are always on the look out for something new and exciting…something out of the ordinary to invigorate our creative senses.

Meet the KOEL Kids: Izziyana Suhaimi

Yesterday marks Singapore’s 51st National Day as an independent state. Though it may be small and ever-growing, Singapore has seen an increasing vibrancy in the art scene. As KOEL is based in Singapore...