The Woven Path: Anna Hultin

Before the emergence of Anna’s embroidery shop, OlanderCo, her passion rested upon conceptual drawing. It was the responsibility and satisfaction of being a mother to her first born in 2016 that made her move on to a more substantial creative outlet…

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KOEL Kid: Elise Chu

We love works of artists like Elise aka @fukanokano, whose art focusing on the little details in life…

Libby Moore

Libby Moore, an embroider from Australia is best known for her cross stitch portraits and works on plants and flowers. We’re pretty sure you would have seen at least a piece of her on Instagram (she’s @threadfolk!).

Black and White

Something special lies within black and white embroidery work. We picked out 8 embroidery artists sure to capture your attention and curiosity with their monochrome artworks!

The Woven Path: Courtney McLeod

Courtney McLeod used to have a hands full working as a manager at a busy vegan restaurant in Toronto. Using embroidery as a means to cope with the stress, she decided to turn this healing outlet into a full-time job…

Ocean of Yarn

Here are 6 fiber artists who drew inspiration from the deep blue waters and sandy beaches and made use of their craft to bring the sea that much closer to us…