Meet The KOEL Kids: Alesia Hnatiuk

Let’s meet Alesia Hnatiuk of Small Wave Art, who fell in love with the relaxing and calming movement of weaving and macramé. Let's find out all about her path and future plans.

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Meet The KOEL Kid: Karoliina Macramé

Let’s meet Karoliina Macramé fiber artist and find about her path and how she makes her knotted creations stand out from the rest.

KOEL Kid: Kate Gordes

Childhood passion turned career. Melbourne-based maker, Kate Gordes was obsessed with the art of knotting since her early scouting days.

KOEL Interiors: Macrame-filled Commercial Spaces

We tried to pack in as many yarn-spiring spaces we found in there, but there's just too many popping up across the globe. So we are filling you in with more visual treats.

The Woven Path: Maya Slininger

For fiber artist, Maya Slinger, she had to choose between staying at her full time job as a visual merchandiser or taking her fiber art business…

KOEL Kid: Lauren Patterson

"It is interesting how I can look at a piece I have made and relate the design to how I was feeling while I made it." While some artists get inspiration for their pieces from nature, personal experiences and more, some like Lauren Patterson base her designs on...

Dip-Dye Tapestry

Getting tired of your classic off-white macrame wall hangings? With dip-dyeing, you can now customise ropes to your liking!

KOEL Kid: Rachel Dowda

We love hearing stories on how people have engaged in yarn crafting as a means to self-mediate and heal during tough seasons. Likewise for Florida based fiber artist, Rachel Dowda...

KOEL Kid: Chloe Ehrlich

While gathering inspiration for her next wedding design, Chloe Ehrlich stumbled upon a macramé wedding backdrop and felt an immediate pull towards the craft…