KOEL Kid: Kate Gordes

Childhood passion turned career. Melbourne-based maker, Kate Gordes was obsessed with the art of knotting since her early scouting days.

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KOEL Interiors: Macrame-filled Commercial Spaces

We tried to pack in as many yarn-spiring spaces we found in there, but there's just too many popping up across the globe. So we are filling you in with more visual treats.

KOEL Kid: Lauren Patterson

"It is interesting how I can look at a piece I have made and relate the design to how I was feeling while I made it." While some artists get inspiration for their pieces from nature, personal experiences and more, some like Lauren Patterson base her designs on...

Dip-Dye Tapestry

Getting tired of your classic off-white macrame wall hangings? With dip-dyeing, you can now customise ropes to your liking!

KOEL Kid: Rachel Dowda

We love hearing stories on how people have engaged in yarn crafting as a means to self-mediate and heal during tough seasons. Likewise for Florida based fiber artist, Rachel Dowda...

KOEL Kid: Chloe Ehrlich

While gathering inspiration for her next wedding design, Chloe Ehrlich stumbled upon a macramé wedding backdrop and felt an immediate pull towards the craft…

Meet The KOEL Kids: Shian Ellen

Inspired to recreate her great-grandparent’s artworks, Shian Ellen made full use of her time recovering to learn everything she needs to know about macramè…

Add Color to Your Macramé

Here are macramé designs by 5 fiber artists to impel you to create your own pictorial design…