5 Needlework Books for Modern Makers

The art of embroidery and other needlework will always mesmerize us. And there are so many wonderful books on the subject these days. So it was time to pick our ‘editor’s choice’ of favorite needlework books.

Needlework Books Guide - KOEL Magazine Color Confident Stitching Karen Barbé

Color Confident Stitching – Karen Barbé

Fussing over color choices every time you start a new project? Color Confident Stitching by Karen Barbé will help you explore and dissect the world of colors into palettes, grids and stitches.

Needlework Books Guide - KOEL Magazine - Thread Folk Libby Moore

Thread Folk – Libby Moore

In the mood for thread and needle? Libby Moore’s Thread Folk is a great source guide as you embark on your next embroidery journe

Left-handed stitches sally - embroidery - Koel Magazine Needlework Books SallyCowen

Left-Handed Stitchery – Sally Cowan

For those of us who are left-handed, you will find this book at the bottom of the rainbow! Left-handed Stitchery, a book by lefty fashion designer Sarah Cowen, is made especially for left-handed needlework makers. With a variety of stitches, illustrations and drawings, this book is a dream for the 15 % that are usually ‘left out’ of needlework tutorials.

Pen to Thread - embroidery - Koel Magazine Needlework Books Sarah Watson

Pen to Thread – Sarah Watson

If you’re looking for cute and quirky illustrations to take your embroidery game to the next level, you can call off the search. Pen to Thread by Sarah Watson is jam packed with adorable embroidery designs to inspire your stitches.

Slow Stitch – KOEL Magazine – Needlework Books - Claire Wellesley-Smith

Slow Stitch – Claire Wellesley-Smith

Claire Wellesley-Smith, you had us at ‘Slow’. With KOEL we more than often hope to inspire you to slow down, reflect and enjoy your crafting process. Slow Stitch is a richly illustrated book full of traditional techniques will show you the joys of adopting a less-is-more approach. Bringing a thoughtful and meaningful approach to your textile practice.


Inspired by these needlework books and can’t wait to start your own needlework project? Have a gander at our needlework patterns.


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