5 Crochet Books for Modern Makers

We love books. And surprise surprise, our favorite books are the ones that hold wonderful patterns and instructions. So let us inspire you today with our editors’ pick of favorite crochet books. Crochet books for those new to the art of hooks and yarn. And crochet books for those who call themselves crochet pros. And everyone in the middle.

Animal Friends of Pica Pay – Yan Schenkel Koel Magazine - crochet books

Animal Friends of Pica Pay – Yan Schenkel

Meet Pica Pau and her crochet friends in Animal Friends of Pica Pau. We were lucky to get to know author Yan Schenkel when we worked together for some lovely patterns in KOEL Issue 6. So we are convinced that you will love her 20 amigurumi crochet patterns with detailed instructions.

Crochetterie – Molla Mills KOEL Magazine Crochet Books

Crochetterie – Molla Mills

In her book Crochetterie, Finnish favorite designer Molla Mills inspires us with 30 new and contemporary crochet projects. From the basics to learning how to crochet fashion and accessories for all the lovely people in your life.

Modern Crochet – Debrosse KOEL Magazine Crochet Books

Modern Crochet – Debrosse

A book that sets out to be empower your maker journey and lives up to its promise. With techniques and tips for beginners to challenging projects for seasoned crochet crafters. Modern Crochet is a great resource for all crochet makers.

Home Decoration in Crochet – Tanya Eberhardt KOEL Magazine Crochet Books

Home Decoration in Crochet – Tanya Eberhardt

Challenging all skill levels with new crochet techniques, Home Decoration in Crochet offers 25 crochet patterns for the colorful home.

Granny Square Flair – Shelley Husband KOEL Magazine Crochet books

Granny Square Flair – Shelley Husband

If you are looking for an addition to your crochet reference library, we might have just found you the perfect crochet book. Granny Square Flair offers 50 modern variations on the traditional granny crochet square.


Inspired by these crochet books and can’t wait to start your own crochet project? Have a gander at our crochet patterns.

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