Handspun Yarn Eye-Candy

handspun yarn Koel Magazine X+L lamp

Let’s indulge ourselves with the prettiest and softest handspun yarn eye-candy whilst we take a closer look at our calculated making process.. Because  yarn crafters are extensive users of math – we experiment wildly with quantity, structure and space. Moreover, our work is very much empirically driven, bottom up, trial and error.

That is, only we finish our art we have proof (or the absence of proof!) of our original thesis. As true practitioners, crafters know all too well that making predictions about the likely outcome of an artistic journey is virtually impossible (at best you’ll be way off the mark), whether you stay on pattern or not.

Handspun yarn eye-candy

You can only protect against total ruin (of your project), by making sure you work with quality handspun yarn (our own hand dyed creations, naturally) and highly reliable tools. So we used Clover’s bamboo needles. That’s it really.

Handspun yarn bamboo needles

Read all about this handspun yarn eye-candy that we are so fond of  in KOEL Magazine Issue 8.

Lamp design by X+L

Smitten with handspinning and handspun yarn eye-candy like we are? Follow along for our modern handspinning yarn tale. Watch how we twist and turn loose fibers into smooth yarn.

Handspun yarn pillow

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