Rope Machine by Schacht Spindle Company

It all started with a weaving machine from Schacht Spindle Company. That was how our Editor-in-Chief first handedly got to experience the magic of yarn crafting. She decided then and there that KOEL had to happen. And until this day, Schacht Spindleare the first we look for when in need of functional and stylish tools. Most certainly when we embark on new projects.

This time, we tested their Incredible Rope Machine to make our own macramé rope. Not a novel idea, our ancestors have been doing that for thousands of years. But us modern day crafters are much more demanding than we were in the past. Our ropes should be easy to create, fashionable and a tasteful match in any contemporary interior.

So pick your softest, most precious hand dyed yarns and work it on the Rope Machine. The process is smooth and effortless, almost instinctive – simply twist and turn (a perfect work out).

Tell us more about Schacht Spindle Company and how it started.
We really started by chance. A friend of my brother’s wanted to learn to spin, so we drove to Loveland, Colorado to Greentree Ranch Wools where they raised sheep and taught spinning. The owner, Louise Green asked us if we would make her some drop spindles. We took on the commission and when we delivered the spindles, Louise was thrilled because we had painted a little green tree on each one. She then asked us, “Why don’t you make a loom?”. “What’s a loom?”, we asked. In the beginning because we didn’t have any money, we made things at the wood shop in the University. Later, some local communes made looms for us. Eventually we realised we were actually making a living from them and it was at this point that we decided to buy some equipment and rent a manufacturing space.

Read all about the wonderful Rope Maker and an inspiring interview with the Schacht Spindle team, their vision, their (50 year!) heritage and their plans for the future in KOEL Magazine Issue 8.

Photo Credits: KOEL Magazine

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