Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe pattern by Luciana Etchechoury of  Max and Herb
Read the full interview with Luciana here.

– 190 Grams Max and Herb Superwash Merino Wool – or be adventurous and mix your leftover yarns
– 3 Different colors of Yarn or Macrame Cord leftovers
– 15 gr Fiberfill – you can also use old sheets, grocery bags, tulle, a foam of a shoulder pad, anything you have in your house!
– 4mm – 6US Knitting Needle
– Extra needle for 3-Needle bind off technique

10 x 10 cm = 20 stitches x 26 rows in stockinette stitch

Bag: 30 cm (wide) x 30 cm (tall)
Tic Tac Toe Pieces: 8 x 8 cm

Download complete pattern here.

Koel Magazine tic tac toe-pattern


Cast on 16 stitches and work in stockinette stitch for 42 rows. Bind off.

Make 10 pieces.

Using the leftover yarn of your choice and the duplicate stitch technique, embroider a rainbow in 5 of the pieces and a bear in the remaining 5 pieces.

Sew the cast on edge with the bottom edge together. Sew one side seam. Stuff the piece with the fiberfill, and join the other vertical seam.

Koel Magazine tic tac toe knitting pattern


Cast on 120 stitches. Work in stockinette stitch for 10 rows (aprox 4 cm). At the beginning of row 11 (right side row), make a folded hem as follows: fold the piece in two so the cast on edge is right behind your live stitches and the right side of the work is on the outside. Pick up a stitch from the cast on edge and knit together with the live stitch, working this like a k2tog.

Repeat this process for the entire row.

Continue working in stockinette stitch until the bag measures 30 cm in total. Use the 3-needle bind off technique to close the live stitches as follows: Divide the work in two, placing 60 stitches in one needle and the remaining 60 stitches in another needle. Fold the piece in two with the right side of the work facing each other, and hold your needles parallel. Use the 3-needle bind off technique to bind off all stitches.

With the leftover yarn of your choice and using the duplicate stitch technique, make 2 vertical lines and 3 horizontal lines on one side of the bag. For your reference, I placed the vertical lines every 20 stitches. Counting from the bottom edge up, I placed the first horizontal line over the 26th row and the second line over the 50th row counting from bottom up.

Sew the open side together.

Cut 3 strips of leftover yarn that measure about 1,20 meters each. Make a braid. Pull the braid inside the hem folded border.

Koel Magazine Max + Herb tic tac toe pattern

All Images by Max + Herb

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