The Syringa throw

According to recent wellness studies, we spend an average of 3 hours (and nine minutes) in our bathroom each week. Truth is we love our little escapes surrounded by nothing more than our favorite soaps, scrubs and running water. We often do our best creative musing while locked away in the bathroom. It being our little retreat away from the daily chaos in the household. But we must admit we find it the most difficult space to decorate. And all too often it becomes a home decor afterthought. About time we change that spruce up our wet room styling game.

The multi-purpose KOEL Syringa throw crochet blanket to the rescue. Wrap it around you after a nice hot steam bath or place on the floor for a soft landing post showering. We used our very own hand-dyed Syringa wool that has different colors in one strand, creating a natural flow in the design. The yarns bring out a nice depth and texture, even though the pattern only requires you to crochet a single stitch.

Find the pattern under our crochet patterns. But let us warn you. This new found bathroom luxury might mean you find your weekly ‘bathroom time’ goes up significantly.

Purchase KOEL Issue 8 here.

Images by: KOEL Magazine

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