5 Punch Needle Books

The art of punch needling has become quite popular again in the last years. Lucky us, because that means more inspiration and more lovely punch needle books coming our way. Here’s our list of favourite punch needle books we think should be in every modern crafter’s home.

Modern Rug Hooking – Rose Pearlman KOEL Magazine Punch Needle Books

Modern Rug Hooking – Rose Pearlman

We sought the insights from a true expert who punch needling and rig hooking for as long she can remember when we visited Rose Pearlman in her New York studio for KOEL Issue 6. So when Rose presented her new book Modern rug Hooking to us, we were not surprised it is a total gem. Rose’s abstract designs, wonderful new ideas and passion for texture make this a must have punch needle book.

Punch Needle – Laetitia Dabies KOEL Magazine Punch Needle books

Punch Needle – Laetitia Dabies

In her book Punch Needle, Laetitia has put together a collection of wonderful patterns. With it, hyou’re fully equipped to proceed into an adventure-packed season of punch needling.

Punch Needle – Arounna Khounnorai Bookhou KOEL Magazine Punch Needle Books

Punch Needle – Arounna Khounnorai

New to the art of punch needling? Then just pick up Arounna’s Punch Needle book and you’ll be a pro before turning to the last page. The book includes step-by-step illustrations, pattern charts and stunning photography. We wouldn’t expect anything less from all-round talented artist and good friend, aka bookhou, who we interviewed for KOEL Issue 5.

Tissage et Tapisseries – Agnès Pironon KOEL Magazine Punch Needle Books

Tissage et Tapisseries – Agnès Pironon

Marvel at the colorful designs, tutorials and patterns in this beautifully curated book on contemporary rug hooking and punch needling. And how can it not be splendid with a name like Tissage et Tapisseries? Be sure to give the latch hooking pattern this wonderful fiber artist made for us a try too!

Punch Needle – Julie Robert KOEL Magazine Punch Needle Books

Punch Needle – Julie Robert

Julie Robert is a French fiber artists who is always full of wonderful ideas. Punch Needlewill show you how to start and give you plenty ideas for your next punch needle design. Julie is a talented weaver too. Be inspired by her pretty weavings here and here.

Inspired by these punch needle books and can’t wait to start your own punch needle project? Have a gander at our punch needle patterns.

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