Valeria Faúndez – Embroidery Art

From her studio in Chili, embroidery artist Valeria Faúndez adds a dash of charm to everyday objects. Kitchen utensils, long forgotten pieces of rusty metal, or any other disused item, Valeria beautifies them with the prettiest embroideries.

Graduating as a visual artist from the University of Santiago, this talented Chilean creator masters many techniques. However, she prefers embroidery as she loves the ritual between the surface material and textiles. And we could not be more thankful.


With her embroidery, Valeria loves combining formal and decorative art. She enjoys playing with the aesthetics and adding them to disused items we consume daily. The fiber artist sees her threads as her drawing and painting tools of choice. Sometimes combining drawing and painting to create texture and depth to her masterpieces.

Valeria has exhibited her unique embroidery art all over our wonderful world. Adorning galleries from Chile to Germany to the United States.

Some of Valeria Faúndez’ works are for sale. But also keep an eye on her website for inspiring embroidery courses. Because sometimes we need a little help and guidance to carry out the projects we have in mind. Valeria also teaches other art techniques. Like textile collage and watercolor.  Qué linda!

Inspired? Find needlework patterns for you to start today!


Valeria Fáundez Embroidery Art



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