Minka Ceramics from Chile

Minka Ceramics from Chile 01

We consider ourselves lucky to have met so many artisans on our KOEL Magazine journey over the past five years. And like so many others, our very first ‘maker’ we ever interviewed exchanged a comfortable career for a pursuit of her dreams. Let’s meet ceramicist Francesca Aldea in Santiago, who started Minka ceramics from Chile.

It started with a passionate vision, a dream to do things differently. All to create a bigger, more impactful concept. Fran was earning a stable income in her career in retail. She was traveling, and meeting lots of interesting people. But when she realised that what she was buying from afar, could be made by talented makers locally, she felt a change had to be made. 

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Minka Ceramics from Chile 05

And what a u-turn she made. Throwing caution to the wind, she pursued her true calling. So from scratch, she built a business in sustainable and handcrafted goods. She designs and makes wooden throws and eye pleasing ceramics. She called the company Minka Inhouse. With the company she aims to serve a social purpose and the wider community. Hence the name, Minka, meaning ‘benefitting all’. 

We chatted with Fran to find out all about het creative journey in Koel Magazine Issue 1.

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