Crochet Lace Flowers and Vegetables

Knitted Lace Vegetables by Jung Jung

Knitted Lace Vegetables by Jung Jung 02

Knitted Lace Vegetables by Jung Jung 03

Knitted Lace Vegetables by Jung Jung 04

.. Images by  Ten_do_Ten

Eat your veggies gets a whole new meaning with Itoamika Jung Jung’s detailed crochet lace fruit and vegetables. The Japanese fiber artist has been creating with yarn since the age of 11. More than anything else, he was attracted by the tension and the unexpectedness of threaded creations. He fell in love with creating crochet lace and lace knitting soon after.

Jung Jung has been collaborating with artists in various fields before resuming his solo career in 2010. Amongst others he worked on a design kitting team with Japanese Art Director Fukushima Miki. And he has been producing  one-of-a-kind crochet and knitted lace accessories with numerous other creatives.

Before setting off to create his collection of healthy and artsy edibles, Jung Jung carefully studied the motif of each piece. Then choosing the perfect color and hand dyeing the thin thread accordingly. By alternating knitting methods following the vegetable’s structure, he even succeeded in matching the texture of its original counterpart. The result is a delicious and delicate piece of art that won’t decay in your fruit plate.

Find out more about Jung Jung’s exhibitions and latest creations on his website.

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Crochet Lace Flowers and Vegetables

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