Handspinning Yarn Tale

all about handspinning

A new Handspinning yarn tale begins…but let’s be honest. Even if you never learn how to properly handspin yarns, a modern wooden spinning wheel looks pretty cool in your decor.  It’s a bit like having one of those grand wing pianos in your home. A piano that nobody really knows how to play. What is relevant is that you have one at display for all to marvel at.

But clearly it would be much better if you could actually spin the wheel in a steady rhythm. Twisting and turning loose fibers into smooth yarns, while engaging in a lively conversation with friends. Imagine that, actually making your own yarns from sheets of roving in the comfort of your living room.

all about handspinning

Like all new challenges you take on, spinning yarns takes a bit of practice – you need to be able to move hands and feet (lose the high heels) independently from each other, and at different speeds. So sounds pretty easy, well, that’s what we thought. But you’ll find out, once you get into that ‘zone’, heaven awaits you. Seeing the rough wool transform into beautifully soft thin strands really brings you closer to nature. It gives a much deeper understanding of our craft.

In KOEL Magazine issue 5 we dedicated ten pages to this Handspinning Tale and the rovings we love to use for yarn-spinning … a digital version of issue 5 is available right here. The yarn we handspun ourselves can be seen in this blog post.

All images are by Bloesem Studio for KOEL Magazine.

all about handspinning

all about handspinning

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