Embroidery art by Ulla-Stina Wikander

If domestic appliances of the past could talk, they would beg you to send them off to a certain Swedish embroidery artist once you discard them. Meet maker Ulla-Stina Wikander who loves dressing up obsolete household items. She adorns mid modern telephones, planters and watering cans with cross stitch embroidery art. This gives them an instant art status. And we think they’re all stitchin’ amazing!

Underneath each of Ulla’s creations is a real, long forgotten domestic object. The artist collects classical cross-stitch patterns and loves to project these on once used objects. Typewriters, old baby carriages, high heels and even pair of vintage ice skates are all transformed using classic designs. She sources these beautiful handmade patterns from flea markets and vintage stores.

Besides creating wonderful artifacts, Ulla also wants to honour the women who have made the embroideries. Sometimes decades ago. Some regard them as kitsch, but now that they are given a second lease on life. So they shine once more.

Hands up who thinks we need to invite Ulla-Stina for an interview in an upcoming KOEL Magazine. So she can share her tips and ideas on how to start this almost forgotten needlework craft. Find a world of embroidery art inspiration on her website making us want to immediately start cross-stitching.

Ulla-Stina Wikander

Other wonderful Needlework patterns for you to start today!

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