Chunky Hot Water Bottle

chunky hot water bottle pattern

Let’s knit up this chunky hot water bottle cover and accompanying cabled socks pattern for cold winter nights. Knitted in luxuriously voluminous recycled cashmere, exclusively designed with Jacqui Fink for KPC hand knit yarns.

For over 70 years KPC Yarn has kept a close eye on every detail in the production process. From the source – their own livestock of sheep and goats in Australia – to overseeing all spinning and dyeing. Every ball of smooth yarn at KPC Yarn is made with the greatest care for quality. And as a special gift, KPC is giving all KOEL Readers 15% off with code KPCXKOEL until end of August.

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Grace Super Chunky
70% Recycled Cashmere, 30% Cashmere
240m per 400g cone (263 yards)
Meadow Super Chunky
100% Merino Wool
240m per 400g cone (263 yards)
x1 cone (of either Grace or Meadow Super Chunky)
Socks- approx. 200g’s, Hot Water Bottle Cover- approx. 200g’s

10mm 40cm circular needle
10mm double pointed needles – optional for toe shaping Cable needle
Stitch markers
Stitch holder
Small pom-pom maker
Large-eyed blunt tip sewing needle

10 X 10 CM
Measure over the stitches using 10mm needles: Stocking stitch / Cable pattern: 10 sts and 13 rows. Please test your tension before starting this project!

BO bind off
C4B  cable four stitches back
C4F cable four stitches front
C6B cable six stitches back
C6F  cable six stitches front
foll(s)  follow (s)
K  knit
K2tog  knit two stitches together
P  purl
P2tog  purl two stitches together
PM place stitch marker
PU  pick up
R  repeat
RM remove stitch marker
rnd  round
RS right side
sl  slip
SM  slip marker
st(s)  stitch(es)
YO  yarn over
** () []  indicates repeat

Worked in the round, bottom up, in stocking stitch and a cabling pattern repeat. There is a row of eyelets towards the end of the cover, through which a plaited drawstring is threaded to secure. Two small pom-poms are added to either end of the drawstring for finishing detailing.

Using 10mm needles cast on 52 sts. PM. Join to work in the rnd.
Rnd 1- 4: (RS) P7, K12, P14, K12, P7, SM.
* Rnd 5: P7, C6B, C6F, P14, C6B, C6F, P7, SM.
Rnd 6 – 14: Rep rnd 1 *
Rep * twice more.
Rnd 35: Rep rnd 5 once more

chunky hot water bottle pattern

Work eyelet drawstring section as folls:
Rnd 36 – 39: Rep rnd 1.
Rnd 40: P3, YO, P2tog, P2 [K3,YO, K2tog, K3, YO, K2tog, K2] P2, YO, P2tog, P6, YO, P2tog, P2, rep [ ] once, P2, YO, P2tog, P3, SM.
Rnd 41 – 43: Rep rnd 1.
Rnd 44: K all.
Rnd 45: P all.
BO knitwise.

Make plaited drawstring
Cut three lengths of 100cm strands of yarn. Plait together and tie knot at each end. Thread the drawstring plait through the eyelets, starting at the centre front cable, left hand side eyelet, threading in and out to last centre front cable eyelet, right side. Tie in a bow.

Make pom-poms for hot water bottle cover 
Using small pom-pom maker and left over yarn, make x6 pom-poms and secure at all ends of drawstring chains on both socks and hot water bottle cover.

Weave in ends and gently steam.

chunky hot water bottle pattern

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