Syringa Crochet Blanket

KOEL #8_ Syringa Blanket by Irene Hoofs

The KOEL crochet blanket is a multi-purpose piece – wrap it around your shoulders to stop shivering getting out of the shower, or place it on the floor to instantly warm your feet.

Pattern by KOEL Magazine.


KOEL Merino Syringa Solids
in Lobster 200g
in Burnt Orange 200g
in Teal 200g
KOEL Merino Syringa
in Midnight Blue 200g
in Riple Coast 200g

Tools & Materials
Crochet hook 6mm [US Size H8]
Darning needle


Stitches Used & Abbreviations
ch: chain stitch
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet


Ch 140.

Row 1 – 5: 140 sc – double thread of Burnt Orange x Burnt Orange 
Row 6 – 9: 
140 sc – double thread of Burnt Orange x Lobster
Row 10 – 11: 
140 sc – double thread of Lobster x Teal 
Row 12 – 21: 
140 sc – double thread of Teal x Midnight Blue 
Row 22 – 24: 
140 sc – double thread of Teal x Teal 
Row 25 – 33: 
140 sc – double thread of Teal x Midnight Blue 
Row 34 – 35: 
140 sc – double thread of Teal x Lobster 
Row 36 – 45: 
140 sc – double thread of Lobster x Lobster 
Row 46 – 54: 
140 sc – double thread of Lobster x Riple Coast 
Row 55 – 57: 
140 sc – double thread of Lobster x Burnt Orange
Row 58 – 64: 140 sc – double thread of Burnt Orange x Midnight Blue 
Row 65 – 84: 
140 sc – double thread of Midnight Blue x Riple Coast
Row 85 – 97: 
140 sc – double thread of Burnt Orange x Riple Coast
Row 98 – 103: 140 sc – double thread of Riple Coast x Lobster

Of course you can continue and finish your yarns … the blanket will weigh 750gram as described above.

Fasten off, weave in loose ends.

Syringa-Blanket_crochet KOEL

Image Credit KOEL Magazine

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