Nubia Peacock By Vânia O.


Here’s the long-awaited pattern to make your very own Nubia Peacock on the wall. It’s all about mastering the Pipa knot, an ancient Chinese macrame knot. The knot is based on the shape eight and you should be able to cruise through your new project in no time at all. At least, according to Vânia O. who designed the Nubia especially for you!


15m[16.5yd] of 8mm[0.3”] cotton rope


Measuring tape
Cotton thread to sew


42cm[16.5” ]x32cm[12.6”]


Pipa knot





To make a Pipa knot use your cord to make a figure of eight. Then pass the cord behind the loop at the top of the shape and place the cord inside the bottom loop of the shape. Continue to repeat this pattern until the bottom loop fills up completely. Pull the working end of your cord through the hole left in the middle of the knot.

All Pipa knots are made individually. You need 7 Pipa knots in total.


Make your Pipa knots.

2 with 6 loops, 15cm[6”] each plus 25cm[10”] for the fringe, 240cm[95”].
4 with 5 loops, 13cm[5”] each plus 25cm[10”] for the fringe, 180cm[71”].
1 with 7 loops, 17cm[7”] each plus 25cm[10”] for the fringe, 300cm[118”].

Sew the knots at the back, making sure they stay together but without any seams at the front of the piece.


Sew the knots together, alternating clockwise: 5 loops, 6 loops, 5 loops, 7 loops, 5 loops, 6 loops, 5 loops. The extra cord for the fringe will come out in the middle of the piece. Use a wool needle to make the fringe look fluffy. Trim the fringe according to your preference.


Image Credit KOEL Magazine

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