Dreamy Wall Weave Part II


Dream on dreamer. After completing Part I, it’s time to warp your loom again and create your second cloud nine art work.

Pattern Anne Djupvik Andersen

Download the pattern chart here.


Cotton warp in white, 16/2
Troll yarn in pale peach, 2.3/2
Huldra yarn in pale pink, 8.5/2
Merino roving in pale peach, 1.5m[9ft] (split in half to get 3m[10ft])


Frame Loom (e.g. Ashford Knitters Loom), min. width 22 cm[8.7”]
Weaving needle or a shuttle
Tapestry needle
Wooden branch/rod 0.5cm[0.2”] thick, 22cm[8.7”] long


Tabby weave


Warp the loom using the cotton warp thread. You should have 66 warp threads in total when finished.

After you have warped your loom, tabby weave with your weaving needle or shuttle using the Huldra pale pink. Create the bow by weaving in 1/3 of the total width of the warp (from left to right). To create the shape, you have to switch between increasing with 1, 2 or 3 warp threads. To make it easier, cut a bow out of paper and use as stencil.

After you have woven 13cm[5”] with Huldra pale pink, tabby weave a row with the thicker wool yarn in Troll pale peach. Continue with the Huldra pale pink for about 1.5cm[0.6”], then add another row of Troll pale peach.

Then, weave:
1cm[0.4”] in Huldra pale pink
2 rows of Troll pale peach
0.5cm[0.2”] of Huldra pale pink
2 rows of Troll pale peach
6 rows Huldra pale pink
3 rows Troll pale peach
4 rows Huldra pale pink
6 rows Troll pale peach
2 rows Huldra pale pink

Now, continue with the Troll pale peach in tabby weave for 15cm[6”].
Use the heddle to separate the warp, and tabby weave with the merino roving. Use sufficient length (approx. 60cm[24”]) at a time. To get the ’bumpy’ look, pull out the roving here and there, making sure there’s sufficient variation in the texture. Add 3 rows of tabby weave with roving. Between every row of roving, tabby weave 2 rows with the Troll pale peach. Tabby weave 6cm[2.4”] with the Troll pale peach.

Cut and tie the warp together in groups of 2 across the bottom and top of the weave. Tuck the ends into the back of your weave using the tapestry needle. Drill a hole in each end of the wooden rod. Lay the rod a few cm[inches] over your weave, and attach it with the Huldra pale pink (sew on the back of the weaving). Take a piece of the Huldra pale pink, thread the ends through the holes in the rod, and tie the wooden beads to the ends to secure them.

Purchase a copy of KOEL Magazine Issue 5 for full instructions to make Dreamy Wall Weave Part I.


Image Credit KOEL Magazine

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