KOEL Interiors: Macrame-filled Commercial Spaces

The KOEL team is always on a lookout for beautiful spaces that are filled with yarn accessories, be it in homes or commercial spaces (just imagine us as yarn interior detectives!). If you already have your hands on KOEL Magazine Issue 2, you will find a special KOEL Guide insert filled with a visual feast of spaces from hotels to restaurants that are embracing the yarn movement. Well, we tried to pack in as many yarn-spiring spaces we found in there, but there’s just too many popping up across the globe. So we are filling you in with more visual treats… first up, spaces  filled with gorgeous macrame designs that will make you feel like it’s summer all year round.

No. 1: Casa Cook Rhodes

No. 2: Light Space Yoga Studio

No. 3: Cafe Gratitude

Photo Credits (no.1, left): (my) unifinished home

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