Lucile Trichet

Crafting can be fun, but dipping fingers in a pile of different creative projects isn’t something for everyone — unless you’re a multi disciplinary artist like Lucile Trichet. Maybe the Parisian girls do it better, because Lucile weaves, knits, crochets, makes jewelry and even sews her own clothes that she wears daily! As a craft addict, her tool and supplies kit must be a wonderful playground…

1. Describe yourself and what you do.
I am a craft addict who can’t spend a day without creating something. I mostly sew, but I also love to weave, knit, crochet and make jewelry ! I try to make things instead of buying them, because it is way more rewarding and fun. I love to make my own clothes and intent to wear something I’ve sewn everyday!

2. Messy or organized? How does this trait affect your creative process? 
There are two different phases in my creative process. It usually starts with a little bit of mess, especially when I’m sourcing and researching on colors, shapes or materials. Once I get a vision of what I’d like to create, I try to stay as organized as possible, particularly for sewing. Sewing is a leisure act, but it requires some discipline and rigor to get a neat finish.

3. Any tips to sourcing the best tools and supplies?
You always have to keep an eye open for finding nice tools or supplies! I am fond of vintage sewing supplies, especially buttons and trimmings, so going to car boot sales always sounds like a good idea to me! Wherever I am, even on holidays, I always check craft shops, to be sure that I am not missing an amazing piece of fabric, and by doing so, I have now a little collection of supplies that I find very inspiring.

4. Name one tool you cannot live without, and tell us why.
I am in love with my pin magnet from Merchant & Mills. I can’t live without it! Sewing requires a bit of space, and when you’re constraint, it can get pretty messy… With the magnet though, it helps to catch pins and needles that have been dropped or gets out of place during the process.

5. What is your most recent purchase?
I recently bought some lovely Atelier Brunette fabric, which is my favorite fabric brand from far! Every season I am amazed by the subtle patterns and colors of their designs and I couldn’t resist buying some.

6. What is your best under $10 spent?
I have recently discovered paper yarn, and I am totally addicted to it. I’ve been using it to crochet, knit and weave. The “creative paper” range sold by Rico comes in great colors and one ball costs just about 4 euros!

From top left to bottom right: Selection of yarn, $3 to $10 per ball, from Anna Ka Bazaar; Entomology pins, $8, from Merchant & Mills; Vintage buttons on card, $6, from Cloth House; Wide bow scissors, $16, from Merchant & Mills; Vintage buttons assortment; Biais maker, $5, from Sew Easy; Pin magnet, $7, from Merchant & Mills; Pins, $6, from Merchant & Mills; Sewing box with indispensable notions, $55, from Merchant & Mills; Vintage tape measure; Thread assortment; Fabric coupons, $20 per metre, from Atelier Brunette; Plastic crochet in mint, $2, from Anna Ka Bazaar; Weaving shuttles from my weaving loom, $28 from Anna Ka Bazaar; Vintage pink knitting needles.

Photo Credits: Lucile Trichet

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