Insects Embroidery


Pattern by Karen Marie Dehn from KOEL Magazine issue 7.

DMC Mouliné Embroidery floss 117: 310, 413, 543, 758, 815, 975, 3042, 3750, 3802

Cotton fabric or linen
Embroidery hoop (approx. 8.5cm[3.5”] ø, diameter)
Embroidery needle with tip
Textile disappearing pen to transfer pattern
Pattern paper

Stem stitch
Satin stitch
French knot
Straight stitch


Draw the fly on pattern paper following the sketch. Punch through the pattern paper with a large needle along the contour lines, put a folded piece of paper or carton underneath, making it easier to pierce holes. Place the fabric on a table and the template over it – dot through the holes with a textile disappearing pen, drawing according to the dots.

Embroider the outlines on the wings, the lines within the wings and the legs, with stem stitch and 1 strand thread in the needle. Embroider the body, the eyes, tail and nose with satin stitch, 4 strands thread. Embroider the pupils with French knot, 2 strands thread. Embroider straight stitch within the wings, 2 strands thread. Embroider the upper legs with a few satin stitches. Embroider back stitch across tail and body, 3 strands thread.

Iron the work. Cut the fabric so you have a 3.5cm[1.5”] seam around the embroidery hoop. Sew with running stitch along the edge of the fabric, put the fabric around the ring and tighten the frame around. Pull the thread along the edge and tighten it well. Sew on the cross with long sewing threads on the back to fasten the fabric.

If you work on fabric that is transparent, you can put the template underneath the fabric and draw with the textile disappearing pen.

Download template here and read a full interview with Karen Marie Dehn in KOEL issue 7.

Karin Dehn Needlework insects KOEL Magazine 7


Image Credit KOEL Magazine

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