Knitted Twine Potholder Pattern

Multifunctional and stylish, make this DIY knitted twine potholder by Anne Weil of Flax and Twine your next summer-time project! Whether you’re using it to avoid burnt hands, to hold that hot pot of homemade soup or to spruce up your dinner setting – it has it all covered. They even make great hostess gifts for family and friends when they are over for dinner parties. It’s quick, simple and very useful, so get started right away! Read on for full tutorial.

Make your kitchen happy with these knitted twine potholders! I love the textural look of the twine knitted up like this and with a bit of leather and brass thrown in. These potholders add a tactile feel to your kitchen goods, while being practically useful as the thickness of the hemp twine acts as great insulators. Plus, they knit up so fast, you’ll be able to whip up some for your friends or as hostess gifts as well! Each measuring 6″ x 6″, you can use them as potholders or as stylish trivets. Simple garter stitch also means mindless knitting – just the kind I like for a road trip or mid-conversation. And… the project is small, so it’s a perfect summer-time task. To wash the potholder, simply remove the leather bolt and tag and throw it into the washing machine on cold. Lay it out flat to dry, and add back the leather tag when ready. The potholder will stiffen from the moisture and the stitches will start to bind together, but it will relax again with use.

1. 18 yards[84ft] 3mm hemp twine per potholder
2. 12mm [US17] needles
3. Leather suede strip 1/2″[1.3cm] wide
4. Solid brass plain Chicago bolts
5. Leather punch

Knitting with hemp twine can be difficult as the material doesn’t have much structure to it. Hold your hands and needles loosely and make sure to create a little extra room in each stitch as you knit.

Cast on 10 stitches.

Knit for 18 rows.

Bind off and weave in ends. Cut a 4.5″[11.4cm] piece of suede leather strip and thread it through a corner of the potholder. Matching the ends of leather strip, punch through the strip with leather punch, making two holes. Thread the female half of the Chicago bolt through holes in the leather and screw in the male half to secure the strip. Enjoy your new trivet!

A Little About Anne
Anne Weil is the creative voice behind Flax and Twine. A lover of beautiful things, she’s never met a craft she doesn’t like. Anne designs charming knit, crochet and embroidery patterns, as well as simple DIY crafts for the modern maker. Her signature style is bright and clean, with gorgeous photography and step-by-step instructions that can be followed with ease.

Find Anne’s book, “Knitting Without Needles,” a Potter Craft title, to immerse yourself in chunky, stylish arm and  finger knit patterns. Find Anne in her Denver studio relishing joyful making moments that really make her heart sing!

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