Crocheted Wall Hanging Pattern

Introducing to you a new kid on the block for our Knit A Therapy column – M.L. Tran, more popularly known by her Instagram handle @minimyarnism. M.L.’s modern take on crochet with a strong focus on minimalistic design is what enthralled us to rope her into the KOEL club of pattern and DIY contributors. And just by scrolling through her aesthetically pleasing feed, you will know that she’s one crochet technique expert too! ‘Nuff said, let us entice you to get your hands crafty with M.L.’s Crocheted Wall Hanging pattern inspired by the sophisticated simplicity of macramé knots (who says we can’t make a wall hanging out of crochet stitches!). Whether you are going for a minimalistic decor or not, this wall hanging will surly find a place in your home. So what are you waiting for? Start hooking away!

I often find myself admiring the works of macrame artists and I’m certainly going to learn the craft one day. As a crocheter though, I seek to create a wall hanging that honors the sophisticated simplicity of macrame knots by using just crochet techniques. Anything is possible with a little imagination (yes?)! With this easy crochet pattern, you will be able to create a simple yet sophisticated wall hanging that will surely leave your fingers yearning to make more than just one! Experiment with different fibers and weights of yarn, and you may well create yourself a whole wall of crocheted wall decor.

1. 12 inch (~30.5 cm) wooden dowel
2. Bulky 5 yarn weight cotton blend yarn (I used Bernat Maker Home Dec in Cream)
3. I/9 or 5.5mm crochet hook
4. Yarn needle
5. Scissors

ch – chain
sk – skip
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet

With a tail long enough for wrapping the wooden dowel and for hanging (about 20 inches, or ~51 cm total), make a slip knot.

Row 1: Ch 29, hdc into 5th ch from hook, *ch1, sk1, hdc into next ch, repeat from * to the last ch, turn.

Row 2: Ch 2 (count as hdc), *hdc into next ch space, ch1, sk next hdc, repeat from * until last ch space, hdc into last ch space, ch1, dc into the same ch space, turn.

Row 3: Ch 3, hdc into first ch space, *ch1, sk next hdc, hdc into next ch space, repeat from * until the turning ch, hdc into the turning ch, turn.

Rows 4-9: Repeat rows 2 and 3.

Row 10: Ch 2 (count as hdc), hdc into first ch space, *ch1, sk next hdc, hdc into next ch space, repeat from * until last ch space, sk last hdc, hdc into top of the turning ch, turn.

Row 11: Ch 2, sk first hdc, *hdc into next ch space, ch1, sk next hdc, repeat from * until the turning ch, hdc into the turning ch, turn.

Rows 12-17: Repeat rows 10 and 11.

Row 18: Repeat row 10, fasten off and weave in ends.

Wrap beginning tail end around the wooden dowel, while weaving evenly along the top edge of your wall hanging. Use remaining yarn end to hang and fasten at corner. Weave in ends to secure.

Tassels: Cut 18 strands of yarn each about 36 inches (~91 cm) in length. Fold each strand in half and wrap folded end through the bottom edge of your wall hanging, making sure they are evenly spaced. Trim bottom ends for a neat finish.

A Little About M.L. Tran: M.L. has always been in love with crafting and design. She has been crocheting since a child when her late grandmother first taught her, but it wasn’t until she made a crochet blanket for her newborn niece did her passion for it blossomed. She loves to keep things simple, from her life to work, design and photography as she believes that it is the simple things in life that matter most. Her modern, minimalist style and eye for clean, elegant design is what motivates her to inspire others in similar ways, whether it is in their craft or life. She currently works as a stationery designer by day in Houston, Texas, where she lives with her husband, and spends the rest of her time combining her love for craft and design into what is now known as her signature brand, MINIMYARNISM.

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