Tweedy Crochet Basket by Magasin Duett

Tweedy Crochet Basket_Magasin Duett_1080x1080

This one’s a piece of cake to crochet as it only uses single chains round and round with some increases. Perfect to hold your make-up stash or any bits and bobs in your room. So now, there’s not excuse for a messy dressing table!

Pattern By
Petra Orrbeck of Magasin Duett

1 skein of Magasin Duett Aran tweed

Tools & Materials
6 mm crochet hook
A stitch marker that can be opened

st – stitches
ch – chain
sc – single chain

You´ll start with the bottom of the bowl and to make a flat crocheted piece you´ll increase 6 st at every row. If you want to, you can use a stitch marker that you move one step up for every row – this will make it easier to see where the round begins.

Ch 4 and join with the first chain to form a ring. Make 6 sc in the ring.

Round 1: Make 2 st in every sc – put the stitch marker at the end of the row.
Round 2: Make 2 st in every second sc – move the stitch marker to the end of this row.
Round 3: Make 2 st in every third sc – move the stitch marker to the end of this row.
Round 4 and the following rows: Continue like before making one more stitch between the increases of every row.  Stop when the bottom measures about 20 cm in diameter.
Next row and the following rows: Remove the stitch marker and make one sc in the back loop of each sc – continue like this without increases , round and round until the bowl measures about 15-20 cm.

Weave in the ends and put the bowl in warm water with some liquid detergent  to remove the spinning oil from the yarn. If you want the bowl to felt a little you can put it in the tumble dryer for a while.


Image Credit KOEL Magazine

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