Totem By Poppy

We fell head over heels with Poppy’s (better known by her Instagram handle as circular weaves the moment we set eyes on them. With the circular weaving trend slowly taking off, we figured we have got to pry into the tool kits of circular weavers like Poppy to be familiar with their tools of trade. If you are thinking of switching to circular weaving, Poppy’s tool kit might give you some insights into this craft, so scroll further to find out.

1. Describe yourself and what you do.
I have always been a person who loves craft work as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I would stay for hours in my parents’ (who were craftsmen) workshop as they inspire me a lot. Although I’m a graphic designer today, my love for the handmade still remains. My passion for contemporary weaving was sparked during a holiday trip to New Zealand. After I came back from traveling, I started to weave with old yarns to try and recreate what I had seen and felt in New Zealand. A few days later, I opened my Etsy shop selling classical weaves and later specializing in circular weaving (focusing on woven wall hangings and cushions). Today, I also give weaving workshops in Paris to share my skills with the creative community there.

2. Messy or organized? How does this trait affect your creative process? 
I am a very organized person. I live in an apartment that also acts as my workshop. As I experiment a lot of with materials and dyes, it is very easy for me to be distracted by all the mess around, so I have to make sure that my small space is organised to be productive.

3. Any tips to sourcing the best tools and supplies?
I would suggest flea markets as I am a huge fan of vintage tools and supplies. I reuse leftover wools from grandmother and friends and buy higher quality yarns from my favourite yarn shop in Paris. I also love to visit local supplies shops when I am overseas or on holiday.

4. Name one tool you cannot live without, and tell us why.
My little wooden pot that contains all my needles. It has sentimental value to me as it belonged to a very old lady I know. Using it makes me feel like she is companying me whenever I do my crafts or conducts my workshops.

5. What is your most recent purchase?
I finally bought a Wooden Knitting Umbrella, which I would say have revolutionized my life! I no longer have to wind my yarns into balls using the foot of my chairs!

6. What is your best under $10 spent?
Reels of trapilho bought from a Etsy shop.

From left to right: Wool Roving, from Seize Paris; Wooden beads, from Venot Paris; Wool, from Les Petits Points Parisiens; My little wooden pot with needles; Circle weaving kit, €50, from totembypoppy; Cotton thread, from Bergere De France; Embroidery scissors purchased from a Vietnam market

Photo Credits: Totem by Poppy

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