KOEL Interiors: Crochet Accessories for the Modern Home

A modern-looking crochet proves to be a dime dozen. Search up “crochet” on Google and what you’ll find is a flurry of bright images, with colour combinations that bring you right back to the 80s. Crochet, which literally means “hook” in French, is deemed less popular than their other fibre art counterparts like weaving and knitting. They too, have lesser patterns available as compared to the rest. This makes it much more a rarity to find solid choices of contemporary crochet pieces.

The one factor that sets a modern crochet work apart is the colour palette. Most, if not all, modern crochet pieces are made mono or duo toned. Often times these crochet works adopt neutral palettes, which makes it incredibly flexible for styling. Minimal colour units also ensure and enhance the clean look that one might want to achieve for an updated finish. With that said, the beauty of crochet (and fibre art in general) lies in its versatility. Crochet can be created and interpreted in various forms and sizes — so it’s really no cause of concern if you wish to incorporate crochet into your home, regardless of the interior setting. We’ve dug deep to find you inspiring interiors with crochet pieces, and may have struck gold with these ones.

No. 1: via Contemporist
No. 2: via Stijlvol Styling

Crochets are usually found in rounded forms. There is no right and wrong when it comes to the size of a crochet piece — it just depends on how bold you want it to be. Crochet can be worked into the home as a stool cover, a cushion, subtle as a seat support, or more commonly, displayed in larger variations like the rug.

No. 3: via FLAIR
No. 4: via achados de decoracao

Maintain the modernity of your interiors by sticking to similar tones and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect crochet-loving home.

Top image via Stijlvol Styling

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