Fancy Tiger Crafts

“We believe that making things by hand makes people feel better and that if more people made things, the world would be a better place.” – we can’t agree enough to the vision of Fancy Tiger Crafts’ owners Jaime Jennings and Amber Corcoran! With shops like Fancy Tiger Crafts around and their support for small yarn companies, we are sure the yarn movement will spurring on for a long while. Featuring two large sewing studios and an expansive space for events in their current shop at Broadway in Denver, Fancy Tiger is like a second home to many craft enthusiasts where you can find them sharing project ideas with each other, chatting away about anything craft-related or creating beautiful crafts in a workshop. We are extremely thrilled to stock KOEL Magazine at this shop that is passionate about crafts as we are! We had a chat with one of the owners, Amber to find out more about what the supplies and workshops they offer.

1. Tell us more about Fancy Tiger Crafts. When did you set it up and what inspired you to do so? 
In the mid 2000s, Jaime and I (Amber) both learnt to knit and fell in love with handcrafting. In 2006, disenchanted by the lack of inspiring crafting materials, she decided to open Fancy Tiger Crafts. I was working on a business plan for a yarn shop in rural Colorado when she asked me to partner with her in 2007. I moved across the mountains to Denver, joined forces with her and we’ve been building our community and love of crafts ever since!

2. Share with us the types of yarns and supplies you offer at Fancy Tiger Crafts. 
We carry products that we ourselves want to work with, with a focus on smaller companies and sustainable products. We love unique colors, supplies with a great story and heritage breed wools. We are always on the lookout for materials that allow us to enjoy the process of our creating our crafts – tools that are nice to hold in our hands, natural materials and eco-friendly companies. We also love to meet and know the people behind the supplies we carry. There are some amazing folks doing really wonderful things in our industry!

3. Tell us more about the workshops conducted at Fancy Tiger Crafts.
We love bringing inspiring craft superstars to our shop. We’ve had workshops with Stephen West, Ysolda Teague, Nancy Marchant, Ragga Eiríksdóttir and more… We are looking forward to a lecture and workshops this fall with Arne & Carlos! We also have weekly classes for basic knitting, sewing, quilting and other textile techniques. We host a craft night around our community table every Tuesday night where all are welcome to drop in with their current project for treats and hanging out. There is always something going on!

4. On a typical day at Fancy Tiger Crafts, you will see…
The shop is always bustling with many craft enthusiasts…. There will be folks planning projects, bouncing ideas off each other and showing off their handiwork. It’s just so inspiring thing to be with folks who love working with their hands and creating beautiful things.

5. Bestselling item in the store?
Our own sewing pattern, Fen, has been selling like hotcakes!

6. Share with us your most memorable customer to date!
We have a customer, Jenny, who visits us from Australia. She’s the best! She has been a customer since we started out in our first tiny storefront. Jenny visits her family in Denver every year and we always squeal with delight when she stops in. She is a prolific quilt maker and is always inspiring us with the things she has made. She is also just an absolute ray of sunshine. My mom recently travelled to New Zealand and Australia and I was thrilled that she got to visit Jenny there!

7. Thoughts on the yarn trend?
For us, the most exciting trend is the revitalized interest in historic breeds and traditional yarns. Jaime and I both enjoy traveling to places and learning about historic sheep breeds. Our industry has lost many small mills over the last century, so we strive to support the market for heritage sheep breeds and small mills that are still around. Personally we get so much enjoyment from these unique yarns and learning the traditional techniques that often accompany them. The current and growing trend of people also interested in this makes us hopeful for the future of our industry.

Photo Credits: Fancy Tiger Crafts

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