Ocean of Yarn

This particular month has got us feeling somewhat nostalgic. We long for the days of taking long strolls by the beach, listening to the calming lull of crashing waves and staring out into the endless horizon. Living in the city means we hardly get the opportunity to travel out to see the ocean, so we settled for the next best alternative – making our own ocean, with yarns! Here are 6 fiber artists who drew inspiration from the deep blue waters and sandy beaches and made use of their craft to bring the sea that much closer to us.

1. Surfing punch needle embroidery by @suterdesignco

2. Ocean weaving by @shadbayweaving

3. Beach embroidery by @sarahkbenning

4. Beach-inspired punch needle piece by @theweavingemporium

5. Aquamarine woven wall hanging by @mosshound_designs

6. Ocean tapestry by @vanessabarragao_work

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