Creating Landscapes with Yarns

Capturing stunning scenery on tape or through a sketch is one thing, but crafting them from yarn? Diverging from the usual linear or patterned designs, certain fiber artists are taking it up a notch and challenging themselves to create landscape fiber art. Be it an image of the sun peeping through summits or an eagle’s view of the star-infested night sky, they are able to turn such breathtaking panoramas into woven work of arts. Feast your eyes on 6 embellishments inspired by majestic mountains and the boundless land and sky.

No. 1: Embroidered landscape art pieces by @firesidethreads

No. 2: Woven landscape tapestries by @willowbrookedesign

No. 3: Embroidered landscape art piece by @shimunia

No. 4: Embroidered landscape art pieces by @s.lapre

No. 5: Woven landscape tapestries by @spruceandlinen

No. 6: Punch needle cushion by @halfbirdmona

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