KOEL Interiors: A look inside Amélie Zerr’s Home

Bohemian, vintage and contemporary decor all mixed into one cozy space. Weaver and mum of 2, Amélie Zerr sure knows how to invite warmth into her home through her clever use of yarn accessories, ceramics and plants. And what makes her decor even more special is that many are handmade by herself! Her bright woven pieces (mostly in our favourite ochre colour!) adds texture and pops of colour to the white-washed walls and wooden flooring of her Parisian apartment. We had a chat with Amélie and tapped into her insights when it comes to decorating her home.

1. Tell us more about your beautiful home?
We moved in last year into this bigger flat after our second daugther was born. The apartment has the charm of old Parisian buildings with it’s decorative ceilings and old wooden flooring. It’s a really peaceful space to live in and we love to decorate it bit by bit.

2. What interior style do you like to go for? Where do you find inspiration to style your home?
The interior style that I like is a mix of vintage, bohemian and modern. I do fancy a minimalistic interior, but I have too many items that sparks joy in me to become a minimalist (even though I have recently Mari Kondo-ed my house!). I also love styling my home with a lot of plants to create a airy and fresh atmosphere.

I get styling inspiration for my home from Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and also in real life such as when I visit an art exhibition, or travel to another country. We’re planning a family trip to Singapore and Japan in June and I hope I can find items to decorate our place to remember our travels in Asia. The room that I get inspiration to style the most is my daughter’s. Since my first daughter was born 4 years ago, I love to create for her a childhood universe.

3. Why do you love styling with yarn accessories?
I have always love textiles, yarn and wool. That’s why I chose to became a weaver. I work in a Parisain workshop with 20 other passionate weavers who make huge contemporary tapestries.

4. What’s the most interesting piece of yarn accessory in your home?
It’s a circular woven wallhanging I made one or two years ago. I like to move it from one room to another, to give the walls a different look.

5. Tell us more about your Etsy shop? What led you to be engaged in yarn crafting?
Since I was a kid, I have always loved crafting, drawing and art. It’s my passion! When I was doing my graduate studies in art, I realized that yarn was the best material for me to create. Harold et maud is an extension of my creativity. It’s an outlet for me to create freely.

6. Where do you find inspiration to come up the DIY Ideas for your home?
I really like to create handmade accessories for my home because it’s one-of-a-kind. Recently, I knitted a wool blanket for my daughters’ dolls. It’s was so nice to see the smiles on my daughters’ faces when they received the handmade present. And it’s a very special gift. A slow made gift.

7. What other materials do you love to work with when styling your home?
I like to style my home with ceramics and wood most of the time too. I think they make complementary materials with yarn or other wallhanging items.

8. What piece of advice would you offer to someone looking to style their new home with yarn?
Don’t be afraid to mix yarn with other materials or modern furniture. For example, a modern couch matches well with a Bohemian wallhanging even though it might not seem so at first thought!

Photo Credits: Amélie Zerr

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