Meet Illustrator & Paper Artist Tara Galuska

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

As someone who has lived in three different continents, Tara Galuska is not short of wander, often seeking magical things in the everyday. A trained illustrator, it was only in recent years after moving to Canada that Tara picked up paper art to create whimsical pieces — a reflection of her dream of making the world a prettier place. The detail that goes into each artwork is truly fascinating, and we got hooked just stalking her on Instagram. So we took a step further, and approached the artist to get to know her a little better!

1. Tell us a little bit about your background – where are you from and what did you study? 
I was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Australia and now live, make and dream in New Westminster in beautiful British Columbia Canada! I studied Illustration and Design in Sydney and upon graduation was a graphic designer. When I moved to Canada I picked up my scissors and started with the work I do now. 

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

2. How would you describe your work, and what started you on this journey? 
I create poetry with paper! I am an artist and illustrator who uses paper to create work that is delicate, detailed and whimsical. I’ve always loved paper and a couple of years ago I really started to dive into this work and haven’t stopped since!

3. Which creative people do you admire or are you stalking at the moment, and why? (Pick one to answer) 
I could list about a million, but Mary Delaney has really captured my imagination right now. In 1772, Mary began creating the most exquisite botanically correct cut-paper flowers. Not only are the works truly breathtaking but she was 72 years old when she began! By the time of her passing she had created 985 of her intricate paper flowers. 

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

4. What do you do when you get a designer’s (or artist’s) block? 
I suffered from a pretty serious and nasty case of creative block around 5 years ago. It was brutal but I was able to learn so much through it. Fortunately, a lovely lady recommended The Artists Way to me and through doing that and the other work that I needed to do I was on the road to recovery.

These days I don’t suffer from artist’s block because I make it a priority to take care of myself as a human being and also as an artist. I know to slowwww down once warning signs like burn out start appearing and be as gentle as I can with myself.

5. Tell us more about your new collection/designs and the inspiration behind it. 
I lived most of my early childhood in constant search of all things wondrous seeking out magic and beauty in the everyday. This has continued to be a prominent factor in how I continue to navigate the world. We all get caught up in the rushing, the tasks, the deadlines, the daily grind – when something stops us in our tracks it can give us the time and space to reflect. It is often a compulsion or impulse that dictates what I create but the things that grab my attention and cause me to stop and reflect in my everyday life are usually the objects or subjects that I try and replicate through paper in my work.

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

6. What creative plans are you looking forward to? or What is your dream project?
I’ve got big plans for my tiny plants! I am embarking on a new series based on my botanical works and it’s very exciting.

7. Describe your ideal environment to work in. 
My current work situation in my cosy home studio suits me very well. The commute is very short, the dress code is incredibly relaxed and my two cats Daisy and Bijou can come and go as they please.

8. One thing that people might not know about you!
I’ve never had a filling.

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

.. Photos by Nicole Wong, Julie Larsen, Michele Mateus Photography

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