Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

We are always fascinated with interiors boasting great style, and even more so when it houses 3 young boys! It takes a super mom to get this going, so we thought to seek some of that wisdom from Tessa Hop, most known for her clean, laid-back style and love for muted colors. Read on for tips on how she designs her home and keep the space orderly and always picture-perfect.

You have a beautiful family! Tell us a bit about yourselves.
We are a family of five, currently living in our self-designed wooden house in a small town in the Netherlands. Our three boys aged 11, 8 and 5 enjoy living in this area, as it gives them the opportunity to roam around and play freely outside.

Share with us the interior style of your kids room and what is the inspiration behind it?
I’ve always loved the contrast between old and new furniture. Because the base of our home is clean and new, I wanted to source for some special, aged items for their rooms to make them appear more warm and personal. We used color in every room to offset the white floors, which we chose together with each of the boys, of course. I also like to decorate their rooms with personal collectibles which reflect their different characters and age.

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Do your kids have a say in how they would like their room to be decorated. What are the different styles that each of them like?
Of course! They all picked their own colors for the walls. And when I find some nice furniture, I always show them and ask if they would like it for their rooms. For smaller items, like what they love to collect or play with, I’d leave it to them. Since we have a lot of wardrobe storage in this house, we also keep a lot of things behind doors to maintain a sense of calmness and serenity. This was something very important to me throughout the years as our family grew in size. Each boy also has their favorite things — my oldest loves to collect stones and feathers, which you can see in his room. The two little ones are just fine with some toys they love and have around them.

What are your children’s favorite items in your house?
They all have a big love for cuddly toys, usually found in their beds. And of course, they also love, like a lot of other children, to play games on their iPads.

My youngest boy likes to draw and do some crafting, so we have a small table where he can sit and play. He loves playing with sticks, swords and masks. We have a big old box, which used to be my father’s — it’s where we keep all the dress-up clothes.

My middle boy loves to read so you can normally find him in his bed reading.

They all like to play with Lego, which we keep in cardboard boxes, a mobile form of storage so that they can carry it any time they like, upstairs or downstairs.

All of them also love playing in the garden where we have a trampoline, some swings, and a lot of toys that we keep in our shed.  

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Do you keep your children’s play areas very separate or do you believe they should have a space in every part of the house?
We have play areas all around our house. We have noticed they like to be in the house, especially when they are younger. So we have a place for them to play in our living room, and an area to do some crafting and games in our dining room.

There’s also a small room, adjacent to our living room, for them to watch movies, play computer games, and enjoy their Lego.

Some tidying tips? Do your children tidy up after themselves?
The older boys are very good at tidying up, but only if I ask them. With the youngest, I would help him with it, so most of the time we do this together. We have a lot of cardboard boxes and palm leaf baskets to organize our different toys. It is an easy way for keeping things tidy and well-sorted.

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

What are your favourite go-to brands when shopping for kids furniture/ home accessories? 
I absolutely love Numero 74 for bedding and clothes.

Oeuf NYC is a brand where you can find lovely cuddly toys and also clothing. Lucky boy Sunday also carries great cuddly toys and cushions.

I love to shop at Archive Store, a little Dutch store in Amsterdam and Pantoufle Design, a beautiful little store in Rotterdam.

Online kids department store Smallable is good for furniture, toys and clothes.

To maintain the contrast between old and new, I source for vintage items online via the likes of www.mevrouwdeuil.com, www.firmazoethout.com and www.maisonsimone.com.

And we love the wooden toys of Fanny and Alexander a lot!

Any interesting story about your kids you would like to share with us? 
It’s wonderful to see that they make up their own games in so many different corners of the house and garden. How the three of them can still play so well together. When they are playing and creating stories, I enjoy watching them secretly from afar. Most of the time they use very few toys, but with plenty of imagination.

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

Bloesem Kids | Picture Perfect Kids Room: Tessa Hop

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