4 Leather Makers We Spotted on Instagram

Bloesem Living | 4 Leather Makers We Spotted on Instagram

All of us have been attracted to leather at some point in our lives. Even if you don’t necessarily own one, have you ever stepped into a boutique, laid your hands on a leather pouch and just bury your nose in it, taking in the rich, unmistakable smell and soft feel? It’s an experience that we all have kept exclusively to this medium, as if. There’s no other material like leather out there! Leather crafting has been around for centuries, and has suffered a bit of a dip over the decade. But with the current resurgence in sustainable products, leather making, essentially a functional form of art, is making a comeback! Nothing quite like a handmade leather product, don’t you think?

So we’ve found 4 leather crafters with goods we love, right on Instagram! Gotta love social media, seriously!

Bloesem Living | 4 Leather Makers We Spotted on Instagram

1. Ashley Koshimizu of Woodlark
Woodlark, a Californian goods brand, strives to marry function and aesthetics, and is strict in only using materials acquired from American tanneries. Founder, and new mother, Ashley Koshimizu, is inspired by quality, minimalist designs and have full authority on each of Woodlark products, from start to finish. A quick scroll of her Instagram account (@woodlark) and you’ll notice a distinct stylish laid-back appeal — omnipresent in her designs.

Bloesem’s top pick: The Envelope Clutch No.2 to house all our necessities!

Bloesem Living | 4 Leather Makers We Spotted on Instagram

2. Natalie Davis of Canoe Goods 
Based in Austin, Texas, Natalie Davis started Canoe in 2009 to create a modern line of leather jewellery and home wares using traditional techniques. Her ideas for products stem from identifying her own needs — from storage to simply wanting a new piece of accessory. Each Canoe product is designed to bring simplicity and beauty to their surroundings.

Our favourite Canoe item? The two-toned had dyed leather vases!

Bloesem Living | 4 Leather Makers We Spotted on Instagram

3. Sonia Scarr of Scarr.Co
What started off as a blog to document craft explorations soon developed into a full-fledged creative project of handcrafted leather goods. Scarr was launched in 2014 after founder and leatherworker Sonia Scarr decided to move on from her graphic designing stint into a more “hands on” experience. Each piece of Scarr product is handmade by her, with no machines involved. Sonia wanted to make sure there’s an organic intimacy between the maker, product, and the customer.

The Bloesem team is loving the Love Dart Strap Wallet.

Bloesem Living | 4 Leather Makers We Spotted on Instagram

4. Georgie Cummings of Georgie Cummings Design
Using Kangaroo hide, Australian Georgie Cummings’ designs are guaranteed to be exquisite as each leather piece has individual textures that ages and evolves with personal use. In her bid to make a stand on the disposable consumption habits, Georgie deterred from her Industrial Design background to focus on hand-crafting leather goods, and is very involved in each process including selecting the hides, right down to adding the beautiful finishing touches, often working with other materials such as canvas, linen, and even ceramic and wood.

Our Kangaroo leather pick is Hex Coin Purse for its unique, understated design.

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