KOEL Ambassador: Gemma Patford

Bloesem Living | KOEL Ambassador: Gemma Patford

Through the process of working on KOEL, we have reconnected with many of our talented friends from all across the globe. One of them is Gemma Patford from Melbourne — some of you may remember her (or have even met her!) during one of our Bloesem Classes where she came to Sunny Singapore to teach our students Rope Vessel Making.

Bloesem Living | KOEL Ambassador: Gemma Patford

We remember chancing upon her Instagram account quite a while back – years ago! – where she was already featuring all the beautiful rope baskets that she handmade lovingly and were available for purchase on her website. Her creations are gorgeous, bright, cheery and it’s no surprise we quickly fell in love with her creations. It was also inspiring, seeing artists like her lead these crafts for a major comeback. When she came to our studio to teach Rope Vessel Making, she was such a sweet heart! With her lively personality, she filled the room with positive energy and all of us had such a good time. She was patient and hilarious during the class, and I even remember her bringing some rope baskets she deliberately left incomplete for those who were nervous about putting paint on the vessel to finish up the creation. Very, very thoughtful person indeed.. Definitely a class to remember!

Bloesem living | KOEL Magazine Ambassador Gemma Patford

Create your own rope vessel kit

And now, she’s back, on board with KOEL Magazine as an ambassador. Grateful for her support all this time so a big thank you, Gemma! For those who are interested in owning your very own copy of KOEL Magazine… make your pre-order now!

Bloesem living | KOEL Magazine Ambassador Gemma Patford

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