We’ve got your back for your Holiday Season Promotions

Bloesem Living | Prepare for your Holiday Season Promotion with KOEL Magazine

Is it too early to talk holiday season? Because we’re giving all advertisers early presents with our very KOEL advertising packages in our debut issue launching this October 2016. Perfect for your Holiday Season Promotions!

KOEL is supported by a an amazing team of popular online influencers and bloggers, namely April and MayBookhou, Decor8, Design MomGemma Patford, Handmade Charlotte, Home-Work & Poppytalk, who have agreed to endorse KOEL. By partnering and working with them, KOEL will be reaching an online community of over 18 million followers. Let us help you reach them too!

Other than offline advertising in 10,000 copies of our debut issue distributed worldwide, we will also be supporting it with many online advertising opportunities. These are as follows:

KOEL Magazine Advertisement Options:
Full page €850
1/2 page €500
1/4 page €250

All advertisements include:
A blogpost on Bloesemdesign.com
A blogpost on Koel-magazine.com
A Facebook post on KOEL Magazine
An Instagram post on KOEL Magazine

So if you’re interested in becoming a KOEL Ambassador, all you have to do is head to our Kickstarter page, make a pledge and select one of the advertising options! If you have any questions feel free to come have a chat with us at contact[at]koel-magazine.com. Looking forward to working with you guys!

.. KOEL Magazine Kickstarter

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