The dynamic duo behind Poppytalk

Bloesem Living | Meet our two KOEL ambassadors from Poppytalk

We’re down to the last few days of the KOEL Magazine Kickstarter Campaign! It’s all so exciting and I’m constantly thankful to have friends around the world and such a kind community who support our passion project. Today, we’re sharing about one of our KOEL Ambassadors, the husband and wife duo, Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson. That’s right, we’re talking about Poppytalk!

We’ve been huge fans of Poppytalk’s blog and works years before we connected, whether it’s about their cool DIY projects, decor inspiration, or travel related ideas. Or how about all three! Have you seen the Poppytalk for Target Party Collection? It’s basically everything you need for a Pinterest-ready glamping dream come true. Their eye for design and beautiful aesthetics is truly one of the best, you should see how we’re constantly crushing over their interesting finds on Pinterest! And I’m sure their whopping number of 8 million Pinterest followers would definitely agree. Jan and Earl have been very supportive toward Bloesem throughout the years, sharing about Irene’s line of jewellery, the Bloesem Gazette, and most recently inviting us for a couple of guest posts over on their blog to share about KOEL.

Bloesem Living | Meet our two KOEL ambassadors from Poppytalk

Being able to receive a helping hand from such an internationally-lauded design blog, helping us spread the word and raise money to bring our passion project to life is truly an honour. Thank you so much, Jan and Earl! We’re so excited to be printing copies of the magazine soon, so if you’d like to be part of it as well head over to our Kickstarter here. There are plenty of really KOEL options to choose from!

Bloesem Living | Meet our two KOEL ambassadors from Poppytalk

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