Introducing: The ladies who made it online

Bloesem Living | Introducing The Ladies Who Made It Online: Jodi Levine

Hoping you guys are loving the new website as much as we do! In line with our brand new Bloesem for its 10-Year Anniversary, we’re introducing another new column, dedicated to the ladies out there taking the the online world by storm and serving as an inspiration to all of us. Today, we’re kicking off “The Ladies Who Made It Online” with one of our old friends, Jodi Levine of Super Make It! Lifelong crafter Jodi worked at the Craft Department at Martha Stewart Living for over 19 years, and is known for her magic fingers which can transform simple everyday items into something beyond your imagination. Amazing.. Definitely remains a big inspiration to this very day! Come get to know this lady who made it online through our little chat with her..

Bloesem Living | Introducing The Ladies Who Made It Online: Jodi Levine

What’s something you never expected to happen when you first started blogging?

There are so many creative and talented people online that I had admired from afar for a long time way back when I started blogging as a craft editor for Martha Stewart Living over 10 years ago. I never thought that I would connect with them in such meaningful ways OFFline and that so many would become dear friends! I have found the design/craft blogosphere to be a generous and supportive community filled with people willing to help and promote each other. I think the early adopters, such as Bloesem, Design Sponge, Handmade Charlotte, Design Mom, Oh Happy Day, and several others set the tone for that.

Do you currently work from home?

I do work from home, which I love because I get to see my kids after school (though of course it’s hard to focus once they get home). We recently moved out of Brooklyn to a town just north of Manhattan…I have lived in New York City for my whole life so it’s a big adjustment but I am enjoying nature and the extra space. Life up here is forcing me to be a little more resourceful and use what I have because it’s harder to get to my favourite stores! In my craft work I use so many different kind of materials and I never know what I might need so having access to all my stuff….kitchen items, the recycle bin, tools and hardware, etc… is a bonus. Looking around the garage, pantry, or office supply drawer always inspired me!

The kids.. Tell me about it! What do you see in the future for blogging?

Hmm, it has changed so much from when I started blogging and, of course, it will continue to evolve. Grace Bonney from Design Sponge, who I really admire, wrote a great article about this. Even though it’s two years old I think it’s still extremely relevant and helpful. She said it perfectly: “Blogs will need to diversify, run with a light footprint (in terms of overhead and team costs) and constantly change to stay alive.”

Very wise words. What do you think is a ‘must’ for anyone who wants to start a career online?

Bloggers (well….“content creators”) share on so many platforms nowadays. Many don’t even have blogs and just post on Instagram, or pin on Pinterest. It certainly helps to adopt a new platform or technology early but even more important is to find your very specific voice and celebrate your own quirks and passions wherever it is you choose to share. And it really helps to connect to others in the online world both virtually and offline. Go to conferences and take classes and connect with bloggers that you admire. I just returned from Salt Lake City after attending Alt Summit and always leave feeling inspired and having made new friends and connections.

That sounds amazing! What would you consider your proudest online moment so far?

I guess it was after my books came out when bloggers and friends who I’d admired for a long time (like Bloesem!) did interviews or nice writeups and featured crafts from the books. David Stark is an old college friend. I admire his work so much and was honoured that he featured an interview with me on his blog.

Bloesem Living | Introducing The Ladies Who Made It Online: Jodi Levine

Photo Credits: Jodi Levine

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