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100% natural beauty brand Soul Sunday is exactly like what it sounds like.. The joy of weekends. Find aromatherapy oils, face mists, body scrubs and many others, which are all especially gentle on even on the most sensitive skin. These products are mostly organic and only made in small batches, so they are the freshest when they get to you! As if that wasn’t reason enough, we totally adore the simple minimalist designs.. All around amazing for the soul. We had a chat with the dynamic duo behind Soul Sunday, Kara and Shea, about their personal experiences with beauty products and their pro tips for the Bloesem Gazette, and we’re sharing the rest of their top beauty secrets with you guys here!

Bloesem beauty soul sunday skincare

How was your experience with beauty products? What do you think was a life-changer?

My skin is so sensitive, I used to break out in a rash when using commercial skincare products. I was shocked to find out that certain lines marked “natural” can still contain harsh, questionable ingredients and preservatives. My skin finally settled down when I started using natural raw ingredients, and I saw a huge improvement. Our Soul Sunday skin regimen was inspired by this. I am a firm believer in Ricewash, our soap-free cleanser, Soul Sunday Gentle Toner, to balance, and nourishing with pure facial oils. It makes all the difference.

What’s your favourite beauty brand?

Soul Sunday, of course! We formulated our natural skincare line with our own sensitive skin in mind. Everything is gentle, thoughtfully created and effective. I love knowing the intention of every ingredient inside.

Share your secrets.. Tell us your top 5 tips for the best skin!

Drink water, eat green vegetables, sleep, and moisturise with facial oils. I also think it’s important for everyone to become familiar with essential oils and find the oil that works best for them in their routine, because there are endless benefits.

What do you think is the most crucial in your beauty routine?

Switching to a natural beauty routine. Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs whatever you put on it, and those products should be free of toxins, synthetic fragrance, and parabens.

And your go-to beauty tools?

My hands. They do everything I need, and I can clean them easily before and after each use.

Share with us what’s in your make up bag.

Soul Sunday Bougie facial oil, Positive seeds balm (I usually carry around at least 2 flavours), concealer, mascara, and red lipstick.

A classic red lip! Is that your go-to lip colour?

On a normal day, bare lips with our Positive Seeds balm is all I need. At night, I use a little red lipstick.

If you’re going for an event, how do you prepare and what’s the look you’re going for other than a red lip?

I try to remember to shave my legs and make sure my nail polish isn’t chipped.

Time to spill.. Your weirdest beauty habit.

I don’t consider it weird, but I do get strange looks when I walk down the street rolling aromatherapy oils on my temples. Not enough people do this.

Agreed! What is your favourite aromatherapy oil to use then?

Geranium oil. It balances and makes me feel good, so I blend it into a homemade body oil and coat myself morning and night.

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