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Bloesem Living | Interviewing Jess Hannah for the Bloesem Gazette

Inspired by timeless jewelry her late grandmother has left behind, fashion and lifestyle blogger Jess Hannah expresses her creativity through the gorgeous collection of fine jewelry she’s created over at J. Hannah Jewelry. Pair them with her effortless everyday attire, and we say we’ve got ourselves a pretty chic outfit good for virtually any day of the week. Subtle, minimalist and nothing too bold, she shares more about her style with us on the Bloesem Gazette and how all you need are really a few good and key pieces. Her favourite ones to rock are probably those you already have in your closet! Hear it from the girl herself..

Bloesem Living | Interviewing Jess Hannah for the Bloesem Gazette

Where do you get your daily fashion inspiration?

Magazines and Social Media.

What is your go-to everyday look?

If I’m lazy then jeans and a T-shirt, which is most of the time.

Would you say these are the few pieces of clothing you can’t live without? What are some others?

Yes – white tees, perfectly-fitted jeans that are also comfortable, white sneakers and a leather jacket.

How about your must-have accessories?

Layered rings, layered necklaces, layered bracelets, my Shinola watch, and my crossbody bag.

Bloesem Living | Interviewing Jess Hannah for the Bloesem Gazette

Currently obsessing over?

Anything Adidas Originals!

Gotta dig them! On that note, what do you think are 5 styles of shoes everyone should own?

White sneakers, little black boots, black leather sandals, Birkenstocks, and comfy heels.

Bloesem Living | Interviewing Jess Hannah for the Bloesem Gazette

The most interesting item in your wardrobe – what’s the story behind that?

I have a vintage Dior scarf from my grandma that I don’t really wear; I just like to keep it in a drawer. My grandpa was sad one day and gave away all of her clothes before I could get to them. It’s the only thing besides her jewelry that I have left.

Bloesem Living | Interviewing Jess Hannah for the Bloesem Gazette

What is one trend item that you will you never wear?

Mmm.. I like the 70’s trend, but I think it should be practised with restraint. We don’t all need to look like we’re heading to a costume party.

And a fashion Faux Pas you have committed (and aren’t too embarrassed to share)?

I was really into what I thought was “punk” in middle school. I cried when my mom wouldn’t buy me a studded belt from hot topic.

Bloesem Living | Interviewing Jess Hannah for the Bloesem Gazette

What fashion trends have you spotted for 2016?

Hah I don’t know these things. Hopefully something comfy!

How effortlessly cool, inside and out! Thanks Jess, for your contribution to Issue 5 of the Bloesem Gazette!

Photo credits: Jess Hannah

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