Project #192: Mother’s Day Felt Tulips

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

DIY Mother's Day Felt Tulips by Laura Murray

This mother's day, instead of giving flowers why not make these felt tulips? They're quick and easy to make and are oh-so cute! Plus, they'll definitely last longer than regular flowers!

What you'll need:
* Felt
* Glue
* Scissors
* Bamboo skewers
* White paint + paintbrush

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

Step1: Start by folding a piece of felt in half and then cutting a scallop-shape.

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

Step2: Then begin to roll the felt, starting from the folded edge. Make one full roll then secure the edge with some glue.

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

Step3: Open up the scallop-shape and fold it back on itself and secure the two sides together.

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

Step4: Now simply roll the rest of the felt around, making sure to keep the roll tight at the bottom and looser at the top. Secure with some glue. 

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

Step5: Cut your skewers to the length you want the stalks to be and paint them white. Once the skewers are dry, glue the tulips to the tops. You can also cut a few leaves from white felt and stick those on as well! - Laura Murray

Bloesem kids craft | Mother's day felt tulips

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful moms! We hope you have a great day with family and friends and thank you Laura for this sweet craft.

Craft contributed by: Laura Murray

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