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Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Every Tuesday on Bloesem kids we share a kids craft contributed by our lovely team of crafters. They have a craft for every occasion, like Mother's Day this Sunday for instance! We think it's a fun way to start off the week. So we thought it would do the same on Bloesem living as well. If you haven't already seen some of Heju's craft projects floating around on the internet, then you need to get on that right now. We know many people who prefer to just buy something rather then make it for fear of making a mess or things going wrong. 

Heju crafts are simple enough to follow without feeling like you are going to create a monster. You can see a whole selection of colourful and fun DIY projects for home accessories and decor in their craft archives. These faux ceramic pots in particular is our favourite and we are definitely going to try to recreate them.. they would be lovely around the house.

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Make it: Modular Furniture

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Make it: Faux Ceramics

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Make it: Confetti Print Totebag

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Bloesem living | Craft inspiration - Heju

Make it: Storage Kitchen Wall

.. For more Heju DIY projects

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  1. heju

    Oh !!!! What a nice surprise to discover your post this morning !! We are so moved that you like our blog because we are big fans of your universe. Everything you make is so nice : your shop, your gazette, your photos … It’s exactly what we love and it’s such an honor to be on your blog, Irene ! Thank you for lightened up our day 🙂

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