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Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

It's thursday and we are back with another Instagram Mom ! We have Karianne of @freeandwildchild who is also a fellow blogger with an organic and ethical blog that we adore. If you like childrens fashion and are keen on all things ethical, we suggest you head over for a peek. Plus her two little ones are simply precious!

I N S T A M O M: 

I am an Oslo art student and concert going skateboard chick turned stay at home mama blogger in Sydney. 

Number of kiddos: I have two kids, Mr C (almost 4) and Miss W(2).

Sundays are for family fundays: exploring, relaxing, milkshakes, sleep ins if super lucky and yummy dinners/ togetherness.

Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

You can't leave now.. the rest of the question and answer sesh awaits you after the cut..

Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

My favorite Times of the day are when we come home from being somewhere, normally between 2-3pm, the kids have had lots of fun and are worn out, happy, and I make myself a coffee and sit down and feel good about our day.

At the moment I am laying next to Miss W who just went to sleep for the night. I still breastfeed her to sleep and sometimes I just stay in bed for a while after, just cuddling. Sometimes I don't even get back up: it turns out I don't just wear them out, they wear me out too.

Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

My day consists waiting or rushing.

No day is the same but we have to be out the door before 10:30am or we just wont make it out at all. (If we haven't left by then miss W gets cranky, followed by sleep, then its suddenly 2pm before she wakes: then Mr C is tired…. If we manage to leave then Miss W lasts till 1-2pm) funny how their sleep can run our days! That is the rush bit. We go places: parks, walks, playdates, shopping (generally all or some of the above in a day) . We also have days at home where we count, learn the alphabet, sing, dans, jump, climb, play with water (a lot), play with balloons (a lot too), play with playdoh (even more) and stickers and trampoline etc.
Our days are not filled with chores: we dont have a car, no kindy or school to rush us so we just do whatever is needed and wanted that day. 

Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

Other passions include:  my kids. I can list a handful of other things but in all honesty: i have 2 hours to myself pr day: 9pm-11pm .. And then I just want some dark chocolate and a tv show while I'm also on instagram or blogging.

Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

Being a Mom means everything.

Bloesem kids | #instamom: Karianne of Free and Wild Child

Thank you Karianne for being part of our instagram moms, we loved getting to know you better!


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