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Bloesem Kids | DIY party decorations

Recently the Bloesem Team helped with decorating a birthday party for a very sweet little girl who was turning 3. We had all these ideas, as you do when one spends too much time trolling around on pinterest, and this is how it all turned out in the end.

It was a floral and garden themed party. So there was alot of flowers, both real and fake present, for decoration and activities for the children. The kids got to decorate bottles with washi tape and then fill it with fresh flowers to give to their moms. The fake flowers were also great for decorating hair bands and clips which we saw many of the party guests donning during the party.

We also put up multi-colored streamers on the ceiling, made of crepe paper, for a festive touch! Very affordable and very beautiful.

Bloesem Kids | DIY party decorations

There was also a pinata for decoration, which was pretty simple to recreate yourself. Because we are rushed for time, we bought a diamond shaped box (it came flat packed and your just needed to fold it together) and glued on rows and rows of gold crepe paper that we had snipped to create a fringe effect. It was our first time making one but it turned out pretty nice!

Click through for more party crafting ..

Here are some snaps we got on our phones from the party which was held in the Bloesem class space (if you were wondering why the wooden boxes on the walls seemed so familiar).

Bloesem Kids | DIY party decorations


And you know it’s Singapore, so there has to be some good food.

Bloesem Kids | DIY party decorations

More snaps of the party details. We also had confetti-filled balloons dangling from the ceiling. Easy as pie to put together. Just keep confetti scraps from your other crafts or cut up crepe paper into tiny pieces and put them into a balloon, then blow up the balloon and watch the confetti magic!

Bloesem Kids | DIY party decorations

We displayed the flowers in different sized and colored pots on a planter rack we found at a nursery. It looked like a mini flower store perfect for the little princesses at the party.

For more party and DIY ideas follow us on pinterest!

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